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Anonymous said: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeopoopweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepoopweeeeeeeeeeee

gooooo hommeeeeee you’reeee drunkkkkkk

Anonymous said: i'm pooping like cray

the toilet is not here soz 

Anonymous said: poop

dont leave yo shit here pls HAHHA 


blue and mint blouse from choies ♡



guys please help me out, i’m looking for more blogs to follow, so reblog and/or like this post if:

  • you’re an activeblog
  • asian fashion 
  • photography
  • idk asian themed lol

i’ll be looking at archives, how often you’re on tumblr & your posts ((i may or may not be pretty picky))

ty /rOLLS

Double Promo ~ First 40 Dumplings


  • mbf Annie and Anna c:
  • no likes please~
  • all in two lists
  • random bolded
  • have a lovely day~
EXO Logos. 
kvnphm said: if i met you in person, i'd be confused cause your dp

yeah fk ya kevin, you see me everyday at school 

'If I met you in person…' Finish it in my ask.